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Jesus Gonzalez, trainer, evaluator and problem solving coordinator for Florida Poodle Rescue and Sanctuary. Rehabilitation training
on all levels for future placement in homes to adopters dedicated to love these special poodles and willing to put forth  patience and
understanding special training needs.
 We are always available to help adopters make these poodles lives fulfilled and become happy
members of a family!   Many poodles,   by no fault of their own,   may have had traumatic situations and behaviour problems needing
continuous monitoring and will remain  at Sanctuary.
 Florida Poodle Rescue and Sanctuary,   for the love of poodles,   abused, many
having medical are abandoned at the pound facing "Their Last Day" instead  all efforts are made to turn their situation around and
them for placement in loving homes or will always have a home at Florida Poodle Sanctuary, where they can run freely through
the beautiful fields, ears flopping in the wind,  chasing a ball and live out their lives carefree and safe, thanks to the ongoing efforts of
Florida Poodle Rescue and Sanctuary.  If interested in adopting, fostering or feel led to support FPR Contact them tod