My one year old Coon-hound is currently in training with Jesus, and the progress that my dog has made is incredible!! When I first
brought my dog to Jesus, he had no foundation of dog training and was out of contra - jumping, dragging me around, etc. After a month of
sleep away "boot camp" my dog Ben has become very obedient and has learned so much. I am so grateful for the time and education that
Jesus gave my dog, and I look forward to seeing even more progress. I definitely would recommend Nexushaus K9 Services to anyone
with a problem dog and wants to have an obedient, good dog :

Allyanne Lipkvich

When we stopped by Hillsborough County Animal Services in February of 2012 we had no intention ofadopting a dog.  But, of course we did!  We couldn't’t resist a 1 ½ year old pit mix who
charmed us with his sad gold eyes and meek demeanor.  Little did we know we’d just adopted an animal who was completely undisciplined, could run like a race horse and had the pent-up energy of
a greyhound.  Max was completely out of control.  More than once we decided we’d made a terrible mistake, but returning him to Animal Services simply wasn't an option.  We loved Max already
but what do you do when your dog drags you down the street, chases anything that moves, does wild flips every time a sprinkler head pops up, tries to eat just about everything in the garage
including the wallboard, goes through the lanai screen and thinks the cat is something to be used for entertainment.  His faults were too many to mention.  That’s when our vet referred us to Jesus
Gonzales.  Thankfully, things were about to change! We were skeptical when first met with Jesus and he assured us he could help.  He wasn’t offering a limited number of sessions.  He was
promising a different dog!  We would meet him in a park for weekly training sessions.  We would use the following week to practice.   We could call him any time with questions.  He would work with
Max for as long as it took! And, he would train us too!  When we agreed to let Jesus take over our burden was lifted.  He advised us on everything from collars and leashes to food and dog handling
methods.  We could ask him anything and nothing was too much trouble.  Thanks to Jesus we do have a different dog.  He made all the difference!  We’re happy to say Max is still a much-loved
part of our family.  We can’t recommend him enough.  Jesus is a pro!

(Max an Adopted Pit bull)

Mike and Ginny

Rocket adopted Terrier

Can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work and training advice that you have given us with our newest rescue, Rocket.  As you know, this 5
year old territorial terrier is quite a handful and didn't’t know how to allow visitors in our home or how to allow others to share a sidewalk.  You
really answered our cry for help and educated us on how to help him learn appropriate manners.  We are so pleased with his progress and really
attribute it all to what you have taught us.  You are extremely professional and have enormous patience! Again, thank you for everything and we
look forward to working with you on our puppy, Ziggy!

Harry and Riva
Welinka Working GSD and Cadence working Malinois

Jesus is an amazing dog trainer. He not only can work my schutzhund German Shepherd and my very high powered
Malinois but he teaches me
so much during my lessons. It is rare to find someone who is so good that can also make
you better. I also help with rescue. Jesus is always
willing to give his time to rescue groups. I have seen him rehabilitate
so many dogs that might otherwise not be in their happy home. He is a
great problem solver. I have so much confidence
in him because he is not just some fly by night dog trainer. He has been doing this for so long
and has learned from some
of the masters in his field. His experiences with dogs are invaluable.

Ruth Gimpel

I have the most exciting thing to tell you.  I was out in the yard playing with Nicco when the neighbor's dog came over to the fence.  (The one he
used to play with)  Nicco saw him and started running over to the fence to greet him.  I called, "Nicco, Here!" and Nicco stopped in his tracks and
came running back to me!!!  I can't tell you how excited and happy that made me!!...he always happily came to when calling him!  

I can't thank you enough for training Nicco!!!!   I'm so glad I found you!!!!

Lisa G.
Lazaro, Male GSD

I am very happy to have found Jesus to help me with advanced training for my 5 year old German Shepherd. I have used other trainers in the past
with good results but what I like about Jesus is that he treats my dog as an individual. He tailors his training methods to my dog's distinct
personality, making the training fun yet very effective, instead of using fear & intimidation to get the dog to do what he wants. I always feel that
Jesus is completely focused on me and my dog during our sessions and not distracted by outside interference. I can tell he genuinely cares about
the dogs and about the relationship between the dog and owner. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking or a trainer.

Alberto Tola
My Name is Justin Oliveira I have a 4 month old Presa Canario named Cujo. Who is my second dog Nexus Haus K9 has helped me with
for protection then training to the table he brings knowledge, the knowledge only a experienced trainer can show you and teach you. He is
very honest about what your dog needs and very intelligent by the way he explains it.
The main difference between Jesus and some of the other trainers I have dealt with is how he trains your K9 to his or her specific
temperament and potential. Over the time I Have met Jesus he became more then just someone helping me with my K9 he has became a
good friend. I highly recommend Jesus He will help you to better understand your K9 and is very patient to the beginner handlers.

Justin Oliveira
Indigo a Catahula Spotted leopard Bulldog
and his buddy Anubis an Irish Staffordshire Terrier  with Jesus  

I agree with all of the testimonials, especially the one that states Jesus treats each dog, dog handler; and dog's breed, personality,
environment 'individually'. Not a retail per-packaged training. Very one on one with the dog. Another testimonial says that Jesus does not
train dogs for a living, he lives to train dogs or as I would state it: (Lives for the love of dogs). Also very true. Can't wait for you to see
Indigo work. He LOVES to work. We will send you a video once I'm trained to Indigo's level. Then we will repeat with Anubis, so Eric can
see his boy work. Yeah! There are NO shortcuts to this. We are not rushing the dogs. So be patient with me.

Kathleen McCreary
Tampa, Fl, June 2013
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Two years ago I got my first German Shepard.  I wanted a dog that I felt secure with.  I knew nothing about this breed.  The day came when
I went to the first breeder to meet his pups.  All of her sisters and one brother was all around me, a little too much for me to take in.  I
though how was I suppose choose one.  Then I saw her sitting in the corner.  I went to her and started petting her, her tail started wagging
and her ears popped up and started kissing my hand.  Right then I knew she had picked me and she was mine. When I took her home a few
days later she seemed skittish and I thought it she is 5 months I knew she needed training.  So I took her to a big chain pet store to find out
about their training and she seemed really nervous, as the trainer was talking to me she was feeding biscuits to her, I guess to keep her
quiet.  After the tour I knew this would not work for her.  I knew that I needed to find a trainer who knows all about the German Shepard
breed.  I saw the web site for Nexushaus K-9 Services and met with Jesus.  He interviewed her, she was very puppy aggressive.  I was
afraid that he would not take her. He explained her behavior to me and what she needed, and with that I felt comfortable knowing that he
knew what to do.  The first step Jesus worked on with her was trust.  This put her in a comfortable position. Every weekend I took her out
for her training session and she really enjoyed it.  She is the best dog for me and I am thankful that I met Jesus.  Now when I have to go on
business trips I take her out to Jesus’ to board her and she gets so excited to see him and I know that she is getting the best care away from

Thank you Jesus
Dawn K.